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Set the language of your marketplace

Kreezalid integrates several languages for your marketplace. You can choose which language your users can use your platform.

Kreezalid integrates 4 languages for your marketplace:


On the administrator dashboard side, Kreezalid allows you to control your marketplace in French or English.

Change the language of your marketplace

To select the display language for your marketplace, go to your admin dashboard in:


Settings > General > Standards and Formats

Select the language of your choice, then save.

To help you in setting up your marketplace, some manageable terms, that is to say, you can change the texts via your dashboard, have been predefined. These terms are by default in English. To customize them and put them in the language of your choice, simply go to your dashboard, in the section corresponding to the element and change the text.

Change the language of your admin panel

You have the possibility to use your control dashboard in French or in English. To choose the language of your choice, go to your dashboard, at the top right in the drop-down menu under your name:

marketplace admin panel kreezalid

Click on "Your profile", then choose the display language in the "Account Information" section:

marketplace admin panel kreezalid

Updated on: 15/03/2023

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