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Add a Facebook pixel to your Kreezalid marketplace

You have the option of integrating a Facebook pixel into your Kreezalid marketplace. The Facebook pixel will allow you to track and understand your customer behavior and the source of your traffic. It is about collecting data on how your users use your marketplace in order to better manage your advertising campaigns on Facebook.

To understand how to create a Facebook pixel, you can refer to the Facebook Help Center available here.

Getting started on Facebook

In order to add a Facebook pixel to your marketplace, you must have a Facebook ads account and configure the pixel in the Facebook ads manager. If you have already used a Facebook pixel with your marketplace and want to create a new pixel, you will first need to remove the Facebook pixel code from your marketplace.

1. Create a Facebook ads account

To create a Facebook pixel, you must have a Facebook advertising account. To create an account, go to Facebook.

2. Create a Facebook pixel

Next, create a Facebook pixel from the Facebook Ads Manager. Follow the steps for creating a Facebook pixel, available from the Facebook Help Center.

How to install the Facebook pixel on Kreezalid

At Kreezalid level, you just need to copy the script sent by Facebook, once your pixel is configured. The script must be inserted in Settings / General / Facebook Pixel:

No additional adjustment is necessary from your Kreezalid interface.

Updated on: 17/03/2023

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