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Product variants

A product or service offered by a seller in your marketplace may be available in different versions: colors, sizes, condition, etc.

It is said that this product or service has "variants". Kreezalid includes a system for managing product variants.

The seller indicates the different variants (colors, sizes, format, etc.) available for the same product when creating his listing and the buyer can then make his choice from the product page, without the seller having to duplicate his listing for each variant.

Create a listing variant

To allow your suppliers to indicate the options available for each of their products, go to your admin dashboard.

Settings > Listings > Listing attributes

"Checkbox" type attributes, which allow sellers to select multiple options for the same product, will be used as product or service variants. This is the preferred type of attribute to allow sellers to create variants.

1- For example, let's create a checkbox type attribute we'll call "Color"

2- Add different color options

3- Set the option "Use as configurable option" on YES:

5- Complete the form and save.

Select a product variant on a listing

On the listings, the variants of the product/service will appear thus for the buyer:

Updated on: 17/03/2023

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