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Manage listings' availabilities on a calendar

Manage booking availability per day

Kreezalid's availability calendar allows suppliers to share the availability time of a product, or service. It's a way for customers to see if the availability suits their needs.

Kreezalid provides an availability calendar per day, mainly used for rental and services.

How can vendors access availability management in their listings

Vendors can access availability management when editing their listing under the item "Listings" in their dashboard:

Prior to this, you must ensure you've set an order type with availability management turned on in your admin panel.

If your providers have existing listings when you enable availability management, those listings will retain their old settings.

How will automatic availability management look like on a listing page

Customers will be see booked/unavailable dates on grey background in the date pickers displayed on the listing page when they're initiating a booking. Those dates cannot be selected.

Updated on: 17/03/2023

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