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Update webhook endpoints for Stripe

If your domain name has been updated after the creation of your Stripe Account, you need to update the URL of your website that is used by Stripe to connect your account.

How to update the endpoint
To do so, go to your Stripe Dashboard:
Go to the section "Endpoints receiving events from Connect applications". Select the endpoint.
Click on "Update details" and then modify the prefix of the URL with your new website's address :

Important: Webhooks are not essential to the proper functioning of our Stripe integration. You can also delete the endpoint currently configured in your Stripe dashboard or just ignore Stripe notifications.
In your Stripe Dashboard, in the left menu, look for "Developers", then "Webhooks". Click on the endpoint in question, then on "Delete" at the top right. Kreezalid will automatically recreate this endpoint when needed.

Updated on: 17/03/2023

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