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Connect your Stripe Connect account to your Kreezalid marketplace

Configure Stripe and obtain API keys for your marketplace Kreezalid

To activate payments on your marketplace and receive commissions, you must create a free Stripe account and add your API keys in your administration dashboard.

If you have chosen to activate Stripe (with the Stripe Connect entity) on your marketplace, then you will be able to collect a commission, suppliers will be able to receive money in their bank account and buyers will be able to pay by credit card . Using Stripe only requires the creation of an account by the marketplace, your sellers will not have to create a Stripe account.

To run Stripe on your marketplace, you will need:
a free Stripe account
configure some settings in your Stripe dashboard
get your API keys from Stripe
add them to the administration panel of your marketplace

1 - Create your Stripe account

Creating a Stripe account is free and you can delete it at any time. If you already have a Stripe account (for another project), it is better to create a new one to avoid any interference.

How to create your Stripe account:

Go to:

Fill in the required fields, then create your Stripe account
You then need to confirm your email to confirm your Stripe account:

Check your inbox and look for a confirmation email sent by Stripe:

Click on the confirmation link in this email and log in with your credentials:

Then follow the steps for setting up your Stripe account. You can also skip this step and complete your profile information later.

Your Stripe account is now created. Now you need to activate it to be able to receive money through this Stripe account.

2 - Activate your Stripe account

As you will receive money from your users through your Stripe account, you need to provide some details about your business such as your address and bank account. This data is secured by Stripe and will not be shared with anyone.

**To activate your Stripe account:**

Log in to your Stripe account and click on the Activate payments link in the top banner:

Fill in all the fields following the instructions and set Your website to your Kreezalid marketplace address when prompted.

You can activate your account as an individual, you do not need a corporate ID. For example, in the United States, you can use your personal name and social security number instead of an EIN. You can learn more about signing up without a tax ID or employer ID from Stripe here.

Please note that the activation form varies depending on your country, so select the right territory for your activity

Once done, click "Activate Account".

Your Stripe account may still need to be reviewed by Stripe. It's automatic, and it should be a very quick process. You may need to provide additional information to verify your identity if a red banner appears on your Stripe dashboard.
Once the review is complete, your dashboard will say "Your account is now active".

You must now activate Connect in your platform so that your sellers can add their bank details in their settings.

3 - Activate Stripe Connect and Stripe Connect Onboarding on your platform

Kreezalid uses Stripe Connect features with custom accounts . These allow your sellers to process transactions through your marketplace while allowing you to earn a commission. These following steps describe how to enable Stripe Connect.

**To enable Stripe Connect:**

Click "Connect" in the top bar. Then "Start".
Answer "Platform or Marketplace" when prompted for the type of integration you want to create. Your integration is already included with your Kreezalid Marketplace, but Stripe still needs this information to learn more about your business
At this point, Stripe may need to review your account. If so, you can learn more about this process here.

After a few seconds, or after the review process, you should see your Connect dashboard. On the top bar, navigate to Settings (the gear icon) then Settings under the Connection heading.
Make sure Custom is enabled in the Account Types section then click "Manage" for Custom

There should be a blue tick next to "Custom" as shown in the screenshot below

If you see a message on this screen that your platform profile needs to be completed, click "Get Started" in the notification and provide the additional required information.

Enable "Allow Stripe to collect bank account information from authenticated users" with the toggle, then save. NB: If you don't complete this step, sellers in your marketplace won't be able to add their payment information.

Back on the page , scroll down to the "Branding" section. There, add your marketplace and business name, logo and icon, and colors. Then save.

NB: This will be used to customize the online form that your sellers will use to add their payment details.

Your Stripe account is now set up. Now you need to get your API keys and enter them in your marketplace dashboard.

4 - Get your API keys from Stripe and add them to your Kreezalid marketplace

API keys are strings of text that have a technical purpose: to link your Kreezalid marketplace to your Stripe account, so that you can manage payments on your marketplace.

First, get your API keys from Stripe:

Click "Developers" → "API Keys" in the top bar menu.
Make sure you are not using test data . If so, enable the Show test data button.
Copy the value from the Public Key row.
Paste this value in your Kreezalid administration panel, in the "Settings / Payment system / Stripe" page, in the "Publishable Key" field.
Go back to your Stripe account, in the API tab and click on the Reveal Live Key Token button.
A new window will appear with the secret key. Note: You won't be able to see the key after this. Be sure to copy and save it somewhere safe and private.
Copy the secret key value.
Paste this value in the administration panel of your Kreezalid marketplace, in the "Settings / Payment system / Stripe" page, in the "API Secret Key" field.

Updated on: 02/05/2023

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