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Guide to Image File Formats

When creating a profile or listings on a Kreezalid marketplace, it's essential to understand which image file formats are accepted and which are not. This guide will help you navigate these formats to ensure all images display correctly on the platform.

Accepted Image Formats

A Kreezalid marketplace supports the following image formats:

- JPG/JPEG: Ideal for photographs, these formats offer good quality with relatively small file sizes, making them perfect for quick loading times without sacrificing too much detail.

- PNG: Best for images with transparent backgrounds or when you need high-quality graphics without loss of detail, as PNG supports lossless compression.

- GIF: Suitable for simple animations or graphics with limited color palettes. GIFs are not recommended for high-quality images due to their limited color range (256 colors).

Non-Accepted Image Formats

The following formats are not accepted in a Kreezalid marketplace:

- SVG: Although scalable and generally small in file size, SVG files can contain interactive or dynamic elements that are not uniformly supported across all web browsers, which can lead to display issues.

- WebP: A newer format that provides excellent compression and quality characteristics, but is not universally supported across all user devices and browsers yet.

- TIFF: Offers high-quality images with no compression, leading to very large file sizes that are not practical for web use where loading times are a concern.

- BMP: Another uncompressed format that results in large files, which is not efficient for web use due to slow loading times.

- PSD: This is Adobe Photoshop's native format which contains layers and other proprietary features that are not compatible with standard web image protocols.

- RAW: These are unprocessed image files that are too large and not suitable for web usage without post-processing.

- HEIF: A newer format with efficient compression, but like WebP, it suffers from limited support on various devices and browsers.

- INDD: Adobe InDesign files are meant for creating and formatting documents and publications, not for direct web usage.

- PDF: It's a multipurpose file format that's not strictly for images and is primarily used for documents that are meant to be downloaded and viewed with a PDF reader rather than displayed directly in a web browser.

Converting Your Images

If your images are in one of the non-accepted formats, you can use online conversion tools to change them into an accepted format. Here are some useful links for converting your images:

- Convertio - A versatile online converter that supports a wide range of file formats.

- CloudConvert - Offers conversion options for various file types, including image formats.

- FreeConvert - Another robust tool that allows for file format conversion, including image files.

Before uploading any image, ensure it's in the correct format to avoid any display or functionality issues on ya Kreezalid marketplace profile or listings. This will help maintain a seamless and professional appearance for your users and customers.

Updated on: 07/11/2023

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