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Use Paypal For Direct Payments On Your Marketplace

Paypal is an e-commerce payment provider allowing you to offer online payment on your website.

Contrary to Stripe Connect or Mangopay, Paypal does not come with an escrow system. The payment is a direct payment to the seller or to your platform depending on your settings.

How to set up Paypal on your marketplace

You can make it possible for your customers to pay a service or a product on your online marketplace through a payment link.

Step 1.

To provide an external payment link, first, you have to deactivate the default payment system on your marketplace (working with Stripe Connect or Mangopay).

In Settings / Order types / Transactions, set "Enable payment to "No":

On the checkout page, we recommend you inform the customer that an offline payment will be required after his booking request is accepted. You can customize the checkout page in Settings / Order Types / Manage Booking Form:

Step 2.

You should now customize the automatic email sent to the customer after his order is accepted. In this email, you can integrate the link, so the customer can pay the order amount right away.

To customize this email, go to your admin panel in Settings / Notifications :

Important note: As Paypal is a direct payment system, it does not offer a fund split feature at the end of the transaction. You should take this point into account in your transaction process and make sure to send the money earned by your vendor once an order is complete. This transfer will be done outside your marketplace after you've collected the money on your Paypal account. You can make the final transfer (order total amount minus your commission fees) through PayPal. If you do so, make sure to ask your vendors for their Paypal account when they register into your marketplace (using a user attribute for example).

Updated on: 17/03/2023

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