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How to Import Reviews into Kreezalid's Admin Back Office

Effective management of reviews is vital for maintaining both the trust and quality inherent in your marketplace. Whether you are transitioning from a different platform or have accumulated reviews that you wish to add to your Kreezalid marketplace, this guide is here to assist you!

Prerequisites: Ensure Customers and Suppliers Exist

Important Note: Before you proceed with importing reviews, ensure that all customers and suppliers referenced in the import file already exist within your Kreezalid marketplace. Reviews can only be associated with existing user accounts.

Preparing Your File

Initiate by preparing a file in CSV, XLS, XLSX, or ODS format. Below is a sample structure of data in a CSV file:

customer;;;5;yes;Lorem ipsum dolor...;2023-07-23 10:45
supplier;123456;654321;4;no;Qui impedit sint...;2023-07-06 14:32

Fields Breakdown:

- Specify the reviewer's role: customer or supplier
- Default: customer (if omitted or incorrect)
- Note: customer indicates the review is from a customer about a supplier, while supplier signals it's from a supplier about a customer.

- Acceptable identifiers include the email address, external ID, or Kreezalid user ID of the customer.
- Mandatory

- Identifiable by the email address, external ID, or Kreezalid user ID of the supplier.
- Mandatory

- Assign a numerical rating between 1 and 5.
- Mandatory

- Indicate visibility with yes (public) or no (private)
- Default: no (if omitted or incorrect)
- An input of no ensures the review will not be publicly visible unless adjusted manually.

- Insert the textual content of the review.

- Provide the review’s completion date.
- Default: Current datetime (if omitted or incorrect)
- For CSV imports, adhere to the format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM or MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM. Time is optional.

Seamless Review Importing

Upon successful file preparation, follow these steps for import:

Login to your Kreezalid admin back office.
Navigate to the Reviews section.
Select Import Reviews.
Upload your prepared file.
The system will process the file, providing notifications related to the outcomes and any identified errors.

Congratulations! Your reviews should now be accessible on your marketplace! Conduct a thorough review to validate the accuracy and aesthetic of the uploaded content. For any discrepancies or errors, adjustments can be made manually within the admin panel.

Comprehensive Error Handling

In the event of discrepancies within your file, the system will astutely highlight the exact line and specify the nature of the error. To maintain consistency and prevent duplication, the system smartly prevents re-importing previously processed reviews. Therefore, rectify the noted issues within the original file and re-upload in its entirety. Happy reviewing!

Updated on: 13/10/2023

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