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Adding apps to your marketplace

To have a fully functioning marketplace, you may need a few more features:

The ability for customers to add their favorite listings to a wish list and save them for later.
A messaging system to let users send messages to each other.
A way for sellers to add free or paid options on their listings.
Let sellers make their listing more attractive by letting them add more pictures.
Allow a location search and display a Google Map on listings.
Display social share buttons on each listing.
Add tags to listings to improve search and classification.

These features can easily be added by installing apps. To install an app, click on *App Store*.

Then, pick the app you'd like to install and click Install. Right after clicking Install, the app will be installed in an instant and you'll be redirected to the app settings. Click on the toggle under Activate {app name} plugin to enable it.

7 must-have apps


You can then customize the title used to identify the customer's wishlist link, the button title, icon, and colors, and the messages displayed after a user's action (adding or removing an item from the wish list).

Inbox - Instant messaging

For the title, we'll simply use Inbox.

For the contact button:

Button titleMESSAGE ME
Button background color#FFFFFF
Button text color#00B764

Add-on - Listing bundles

Position on listing's pageSidebar position
Section's titleAddOns
Enable description fieldYes
Section's descriptionIf you want to add extra options for customers to purchase along this listing.
Title field labelAdd-On name
Price field labelPrice
Description field labelDescription
How to apply the quantity to add-onsQuantity and booking period

More Pictures app


This app will allow your vendor to add more than 3 pictures to their listings. No option to configure aside toggling this app on.

Google Map

Google Map API KeyPut your Google Map API key (you can obtain one here)
Default latitude(Optional) Enterthe desired default latitude to target when showing Google Map
Default longitude(Optional) Enter the desired default longitude to target when showing Google Map
Default Zoom(Optional) The zoom level of the map
Place suggestsRegions
CountriesLeave blank for all countries, or select a predefined list of countries to choose from
Display location fieldNo
Display Google MapNo
Display city or zip code fieldNo
Display state fieldYes
Display country fieldNo

Once you enable this plugin, your suppliers will be able to indicate a location on their listings and a map with this location will be visible on their listings.

Social share


Sharing section titleLeave empty
Sharing icon sizeSmall
ButtonsFacebook, Twitter, Email, LinkedIn

Listing tags

This app will allow you to add tags to your listings to improve search and classification on your online marketplace. No option to configure aside toggling this app on.

Et voilà! Now you have a fully functioning marketplace. For more feature, take a look at the Kreezalid App Store.

Updated on: 21/03/2023

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