Creating a newsletter subscription form or a pop-up on Kreezalid

Creating a newsletter subscription form or a pop-up using a third-party service like Mailchimp, Mailjet, Brevo, or HubSpot and integrating it into your Kreezalid marketplace is a great way to build your mailing list.

Step 1: Create Your form or pop-up in the third-party service

Log in to your account on the platform of your choice (Mailchimp, Mailjet, Brevo, or HubSpot).
Navigate to the section where you can create forms or pop-ups. This is usually found under a marketing or campaign tab.
Create your form or pop-up according to your preferences, customizing the fields, text, and design to suit your brand.

Step 2: Generate the embed code or script

Once you've created your form or pop-up, look for an option to generate an embed code or script. This is typically available as part of the final steps in the creation process.
Copy the provided embed code or script.

Step 3: Embed the Form or Pop-Up on Your Kreezalid Marketplace

Log in to your Kreezalid admin dashboard.
Navigate to Settings in the main menu, and then click on General.
Scroll down to the Custom tag <head> section.

If you have an embed code for a form:

You can place this code in a specific part of a page where you want the form to appear. This might involve editing the HTML of the page template.
Make sure to set the text editor in "Source code" mode :

If you have a script for a pop-up:

Paste the script directly into the Custom tag <head> section. This will ensure that the pop-up loads on all pages of your marketplace.

Step 4: Save and test

Save your changes in the admin dashboard.
Visit your marketplace as a user would to ensure that the form or pop-up appears and functions correctly.

Note: It's important to test the form or pop-up thoroughly to ensure it's capturing information correctly and that the user experience is smooth.

Updated on: 05/12/2023

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